Phantom Bridge

Princess Cruises newest ships offer digitally enhanced escape rooms

Princess Cruises newest ships – Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess – to have the Phantom Bridge - the only immersive digitally-enhanced escape room at sea.

Heathrow to shut down in the summer due to strikes over pay

Summer travel chaos looms for holidaymakers flying abroad after Heathrow workers announce strike dates in pay dispute

Seabourn cruise line reveals new designs for custom-made submarines

Seabourn luxury cruise line reveals their new design for custom-made submarines to take passengers “Below The Surface” on new expedition ships.
Kampung Pelangi

How a lick of paint turned the slums of Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia into an Instagrammers hot spot

You often see the word "bright and colourful" used to describe a restaurant or town but one tiny Indonesian village IS colourful - literally. The...
Have you checked your face

Why your hipster beard could cause delays at UK airports this summer

If you are planning a summer holiday abroad we have some advice for you. Check your face. According to new research your hipster beard is...
Ryanair B737-800

Ryanair are inflating flight fares with “rip-off” currency exchange rates

Consumer watchdog have asked CAA to investigate Ryanair’s use of dynamic currency conversion when selling flights, claiming this inflates air fares by up to 6%.

Spain tops ‘good value’ report despite holiday money currency fears

Despite the low exchange rates UK travellers feel Spain offers best value as a holiday destination.
PIA Pakistan International Airlinesc.Alf van Beem [CC0]

Flight delayed for 8 hours after passenger opens emergency exit thinking it was the ‘toilet door’

A Manchester PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flight to Islamabad was delayed for 8 hours after a confused passenger opened an emergency door thinking it was the toilet door.
Passing through the airport

Heathrow airport to install new scanners so liquids can be left in bags

Passengers travelling through Heathrow airport will soon be able to keep liquids and laptops inside their carry-on bags thanks to new security equipment.
Virgin Atlantic to flight to Mumbai from Heathrow

Flights to India: Virgin Atlantic fills Heathrow to Mumbai void left by suspended Jet Airways flights

Virgin Atlantic to fly to Mumbai from Heathrow on their Dreamliner aircraft from 27 October 2019

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